Dutch Classes Eindhoven

Intensive Dutch Classes Eindhoven

A1 level
- Beginners
- 22 lessons
- 11 weeks/44 hours
- 10-12 participants
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Intensive Dutch Classes Eindhoven

A2 level
- Semi-Intermediate
- 22 lessons
- 11 weeks/44 hours
- 10-12 participants
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Intensive Dutch Classes Eindhoven

B1 level
- Intermediate
- 22 lessons
- 11 weeks/44 hours
- 10-12 participants
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Dutch Classes in Eindhoven🥇

Dutch, one of the most vital and important world languages are a must to try. Dutch Classes Eindhoven has made a strong mark among the language training centres with the implementation of easy and hassle free methods that makes it easy for students to speak and get a grasp of the language better. Our Dutch classes in Eindhoven host students, both young and old and from a varied professional background such as software professionals, business entrepreneurs, students, clergymen and so on.

Dutch Classes Eindhoven is the number one provider of Dutch language courses that are designed to help students master the art of speaking the beautiful Dutch language fluently. We have curated a wide category of fun and interesting methods that are aimed towards teaching the Dutch language in a fun manner. We have constantly strived to improvise the design of our Dutch classes while keeping the learning ability of the students in prime focus. Irrespective of the student’s motive to learn Dutch, we make sure each of them is prioritized. By imbibing a basic manner of imparting the courses, we make them enjoyable and interactive.

Levels of Dutch Classes in Eindhoven

We have set different Dutch levels for ensuring that students learn everything in an easy manner. If you are completely unaware of the Dutch language, we start with the A1 level. This level is concentrated towards the initial comprehension and teaching a beginner. This Dutch level will help our students learn simple Dutch, indulge in short conversations, have the ability to introduce themselves while engage in conversation about the job and more.

Once this class is over, all the remaining ones are taught in Dutch.

The A2 Dutch level is divided into two distinct steps which include exercises which helps you prepare for the Civic Integration Exam questions. Additionally, this Dutch level will also educate you to apply for the job interviews in Dutch.

Post the Dutch level A, comes  levels B1 and B2. These two levels of the Dutch language are dedicated towards the development of the confidence required to speak the language.

What will you achieve in A1 level at our Dutch Classes?🥇

On achieving the A1 level at the Dutch Class, students are able to understand and make use of the expressions such as introducing yourself to someone, rendering personal information, request an address, have telephonic conversation and make questions in Dutch.

Our A1 Dutch classes is vividly divided into three distinct steps. Students have an online test post each step which is a profitable way of measure the progress made. At the end of A1 course, students are going to receive an A1 speaking test while receive the A1 Dutch level certificate from our Dutch Classes.

We also strive to prepare the basic job interview in Dutch at the A1 level. In the job interview, you will be able to introduce yourself while answering certain simple questions such as your profession or means of living. Four the A1 beginner classes, it is compulsory to comprise a basic knowledge of the Dutch language.

What will you achieve in A2 level at our Dutch Classes?🥇

With achieving the A2 level  of the Dutch language you are able to speak Dutch on an everyday basis while describing actions and communicate with short phrases. The students are also able to exchange information while writing short letters, emails and self express yourself by using past and future tenses of the Dutch language.

This Dutch level is divided into two distinct steps where students will have two online tests and also a Dutch speaking test. Certain test exercises will follow that includes Civic Integration Exam including Dutch writing, listening, speaking and reading.

We also prepare the students to appear for an extensive job interview in this level. The preparation is made to be offered in the Dutch language. In the interview, students are able to introduce themselves and answer related interview questions such as questions about themselves, the tasks, the previous jobs, the future career goals and others. Students are a lot more confident at the end of this Dutch level where they find themselves speaking the Dutch language much more frequently.

Dutch professionals at work🥇

We comprise of a group of professionals who are trained to impart the education in the most professional manner. By combining fun with teaching the Dutch language, Our teaching method  ensure the Dutch language is learnt faster and remembered better. With the process starting in the year 2013, we are seeking to constantly improve the teaching procedure aimed at deriving maximum results from the students. We are also constantly learning from the students and hence are revising our teaching standards and procedures likewise.

Dutch Classes Eindhoven specializes in the following:

  • Training of affordable Ditch language and culture
  • Both short and long Dutch courses
  • Consultation on distinct topics in Dutch
Top 5 Reasons why you need to learn Dutch🥇

If you too are one of those people stuck in the web of indecision towards learning Dutch, here are a few reasons why you should give it a try.

Eindhoven is one of the most renowned city for individuals all over the world. International individuals are seen seeking work and stay permit in Eindhoven for the abundant job opportunities it offers. Dutch however is one of the most prime essentials of staying and settling in this place as maximum of the conversation is done in Dutch, apart from English.

Not only do you need to integrate yourself with the Dutch culture but also get to know their rules, history and news. Moreover, communication is the key to building a solid foundation. Without knowing the Dutch language, communicating will be the biggest challenge. Hence, if you are a student, an employee moving to the country, the most valuable thing you could do for yourself is to learn Dutch with ease. Let us explore some of the significant reasons why you need to learn Dutch.

1. Develop an intimate connection with the Dutch culture

If you have just moved to Eindhoven, speaking Dutch will completely transform you and help build a deeper connection with the culture. It will help you to connect deeply with the Dutch friends and Dutch colleagues on a deeper level. Additionally, it will also aid individuals to value and appreciate the culture around them to a large extent.

2. Communicate better

Speaking Dutch culture will enable you to communicate better and in a professional manner. Without knowing the Dutch language, it will be extremely difficult for foreigners from overseas to adapt to the culture and the surrounding environment. By grasping the Dutch language well, one can communicate on a day to day basis and blend themselves with the surroundings better. Without a hang of the Dutch language, it can be difficult to communicate and sustain in the new land.

3. Availing residence permit or Dutch passport

Most of the immigrants in Eindhoven usually come from EU and need to pass through Civic Integration Exam. This helps them attain a permanent Dutch resident permit and avail Dutch passport. It is usually essential to learn Dutch at first and pass Civic Integration Exam. In order to be approved in the evaluation process, it is essential to stand in A2 level of the Dutch language. Hence, by following out Beginners A1 and Semi-intermediate A2 Dutch classes in Eindhoven, learners can avail the Dutch residence permit and passport.

4. Helps build a professional Dutch network

In order to attain a strong professional background and succeed in the country, it is vital to form a deeper connection with a professional network. Without knowing the integrities of the Dutch language, forming a bond with the Dutch network seems next to impossible. It hence becomes mandatory to blend with the network by speaking in their native language. This will benefit individuals in the long run and help them attain a stronger professional network in Eindhoven.

5.To avail bigger job opportunities

Settling in Eindhoven for attaining work opportunities is a tough deal to crack if you are not well versed with the Dutch language. Even if you have attained a work opportunity, looking for better opportunities is a must after serving a certain period in a particular place. Without a proficiency in the Dutch language, looking for bigger opportunities will not take place. As a result, better opportunities will flee away from your hand.

Why should you choose our Dutch Classes?🥇

As discussed earlier, learning Dutch Classes Eindhoven will benefit individuals in a varied number of ways. However, to attain the correct form of Dutch learning, it is essential to enrol yourself in the right teaching institution. Let us explore a few reasons why you need to choose Dutch Classes Eindhoven.

1.Dynamic teaching method

We at Dutch Classes Eindhoven incorporate a dynamic teaching method where every individual are actively involved in the learning process of the Dutch language. The method incorporates a completely new approach to a Dutch lesson where students are not just listening but also participating in the learning process. The concept is inspired by being actively involved in a number of activities which eliminates the students from being passive. Students are rather reading, writing, discussing and taking part in activities. Some other innovative methods such as simulations and role play are also introduced.

2. Diversity joins the key

We welcome diversity and encourage a diversified group of learners. Instead of just sticking to a single diversity and engaging our concentration to it, we rather are open to diversities and welcome students from all over the world to come and participate in the learning process. By receiving students from overseas, the diversity makes the classes all the more interesting and useful. As a result, students get to interact with one another and share different languages, cultures to build an improved learning experience.

3. Offer learning after class hours

At Dutch Classes Eindhoven, we do not only support fully fledged learning during the Dutch class hours but also go a step beyond. Our professionals are ready to help both before and after hours to ensure maximum learning process. We ensure that the Dutch classes are aimed at offering maximum learning experience to the students. The students are free to ask for after class opportunities in order to gain additional knowledge in a short span of time.

4. Expertise professionals

We have a team of expertise professionals who are equipped perfectly with the Dutch language and offer our exceptional and unique teaching method. Apart from knowing the Dutch language well, the expertise professionals comprises of the best teaching skills for improvised learning. The learning processes involve specialized techniques and strategies that are derived to offer maximum leaning experience. Each of the professionals comprises of a renowned degree of teaching Dutch and hence is aware of the teaching skills and practices. By incorporating traditional learning methods with the modern ones, the teaching skills also offer Dutch private lessons in Eindhoven.

5. Well equipped materials

Dutch courses at Dutch Classes Eindhoven comprise of well equipped materials and required infrastructure facility such as WiFi to ensure that the learning process runs smoothly. We offer our Dutch book for the Dutch classes along with WiFi to ensure improved learning process. Without well equipped materials, the training processes will not be able to run smoothly.

Special Dutch Skype lessons and Private lessons

We understand that not everyone can manage going to class everyday in addition to their daily work. This is why we have come up with Dutch courses that can be held on Skype, making way for Skype Dutch lessons. These lessons are imparted by skilled professionals who make sure that the students feel a part of the class. It is also beneficial for those who do not feel comfortable in a classroom situation with other students; private lessons are also held for their convenience. We can arrange Dutch private lessons in Eindhoven for any of the levels as preferred by the students.

If you too are seeking for attaining the best learning certification in Dutch, enrol with Dutch Classes Eindhoven today to learn the language in the most professional yet fun manner. With the integration of traditional and modern teaching techniques, the Dutch lessons are imparted to achieve maximum results. We help you to learn the language with dedication and love, rather just learning it for the sake for it. Check out the classes available this year to enroll for them at the earliest.

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